What Does a Child Care Facility Mean to a Child? Essay

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Child Care If I was considering leaving my child in the child care facility, first, I would concerned about the communication between my child and new peoples as such as new friends because I do not know how my child reaction when they meet their new friends. They might happy or shy but they also scare or cry. In my opinion, I think to leave my child in the child care facility is a new step for them to get to know a new world, new people, new friend, a new step for them learn how to communicate without the parents. The second reason I would be concern is food for my child in the child care because every child has a different taste and if they feel the food they don’t want to eat they will skip their meal. I think this is a most reason all parent would be concern about for their child not except me. Third thing I would be concern for my child is how their feeling, it is important part because they might feel alone or they might cry because the people they see are not their parents. If my child were an infant my concern to leave them in the child would be more than when they are a child because every parent knows infant more sensitive if they feel the people who are not their parent they will screaming and crying until they see their parent, but it doesn’t mean all the infant are like that, it is just depend on the infant, some might easy but some might difficult to take care. I think between the academic and the child centered preschool I would pick the child centered…