What Emotional Help Is Available For The Survivors Of Domestic Violence

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Assessment Task 1

The topic I chose is about what Emotional help is available for the survivors of Domestic Violence, due to the circumstances being a victim would cause loss of hope. After a good search about the topic I selected four sources that helped me to learn more about my topic. My first source is domestic Violence Support Group a social website (“Domestic violence support group” , 2010) is a Facebook page created in 2010 by Emily and Ally who are victims of domestic violence, this is an active page which has above 20000 likes and more than 130 active participants, this webpage supports people who need advice, both men and women survivors and victims to express their thoughts and feelings and share their experiences, this page helped me to understand more about the topic by using social constructivism theory , it gave me an overview on kind of support available to the survivors by reading and by participating through the social interactions it let me dwell deep into the topic on how survivors thoughts would be, and how they are supported. This page also provide links to Queensland women’s clinic, domestic violence center where the professional help is offered and also the help line, based on the likes and active participants and the links that are provided by the website page, this was a reliable source for my topic. As this was a social website next source I went through is an informative website of Domestic Violence Resource Center Victoria (“Domestic violence resource”, no date) I chose this source because it is a non-profit organization supported by Department of Human Services, Victoria, Australia. This informative website provides useful publications that help through the topic and it also provides links to the information that are published in the site and links to which organizations that support the information. This source helped me to learn about topic using constructivism theory as It provided more depth into the topic like awareness to sub layers and how can I develop my theory and how I could look deeper into it through the professionals links provided, this helped me to add more information to my prior understanding. This is a reliable resource as it is supported by the government organization, which is related to my topic, all publications in this site related to my topic are linked to reliable sources. My third source is again a social website: Abusive Relationship (“Abusive relationships”, no date) This website is formed by group of professionals, that provide guidance and help through supporting different topics, this source is backed up by various foundations, Australian Government department of health, etc., this source provides links to the professional help and government organizations that can provide help. This source also includes a chat forum where we can sign in and participate and provide an opinion about the topic or the fact sheets. This source helped me to get through the fact sheets that are provided. By using the social constructivism theory I actively participated in the conversations about my topic and got accurate information. Also by following the links provided by this source helped me to understand the various actions that can be taken to develop complete understanding. This is a credible source which allowed me to access information an participate through real chat forum where I could provide my opinion and also it provided with the fact sheets that are linked to reliable sources, the site also provide with various references and my last source is domestic violence line from (Domestic and family violence”, no date) This is an informative website formed by NSW Government which provides information about counseling and help lines and support available also the physical approach that is available, this site helped me to learn about how the government organizes some case officers where it is necessary so that