Essay on What Gives Us More Pleasure and Satisfaction: the Pursuit of Desires or the Attainment of Them?

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What a common man strives for isn’t a promenade through life but true experience which will be perpetual. The thought to pacify life brings pleasure, pleasure provokes satisfaction and satisfaction drives desire and indeed desire keeps man alive.
The basic thing that makes your life moving and on going is the pursuit of your desires. Without desires life is going to be stagnant. Desires give you a motivation force to do better and to strive for more. The journey to obtain a desire is going to be very complicated with full of hurdles in between but at the end of the day that journey is cherished more than the actual attainment of the desire.
A conspicuous personality of the music industry is Dingo. Dingo started playing guitar at the age
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And why is this? The answer to this is simple and that is the pursuit of our desires. Albeit you have cell and it is perfectly all right but when a new one comes in the market you desire for it and finally the pursuit enables you to have it and then what? Although you have attained your desire but the satisfaction of it is temporary and again your desire for a new one emerges.
So again the debate goes on, the pursuit of a desire, the desire of a lay man is getting education, being married, being the favorite of his truant boss and eventually owning the place that he once worked for, as simple as that. But perhaps what makes this man alive and strive for this aren’t the neon lights reflecting his eyes but the desire to have it all, to stand out from the crowd, excitement overtakes him at this thought and even though it yet seems an immensively odd situation it ought to be as he glares at hs reflection.
Desire is much more liken an addiction. It’s a heroine that keeps you alive or your personal brand of drugs. It keeps you awake, running, fighting, and just when you think Mother Nature would lend him a hand by blowing the wind of luck at his side, and the addiction to strive grew more. The addiction to pursuit one desire is in your blood and the moment the addiction finishes you grow numb and hungry