What Happened To Michael Corner's Novel?

Words: 1000
Pages: 4

urprising, but it seemed the children had some measure of common sense.

Once the details of Michael Corner's torture became common knowledge, Severus had expected to have an open rebellion on his hands. Instead, Hogwarts was more peaceful than it had been in months, the students strangely subdued.

Too good to be true? Perhaps. But the respite was welcome nonetheless, a much-needed chance to rest and regroup.

Meanwhile, certain students had taken to disappearing for hours on end, though fortunately, the Carrows hardly seemed to notice. They didn't pick up on the smug expressions, the conspiratorial looks that passed between Longbottom and his friends. All they saw was an outward facade of obedience, assuming they'd finally brought their
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She was curled up on her side, copper hair surrounding her head like a tangled halo, her expression serene. His eyes swept downward, widening ever so slightly as he realized she'd pushed the covers off, her body gloriously naked beneath the morning sunlight. Unable to help himself, he stared at her breasts, admiring their newfound fullness before his eyes dropped to her stomach.

How had it happened? One day, it had been as flat as his own. The next? Her pregnancy had been unmistakable. She'd started showing about a month ago, beaming with satisfaction as she'd opened her robe to show him the gentle swell.

Now she was four months along, with a definite roundness to her stomach that never ceased to fascinate him. For what seemed like the hundredth time, he reached out to touch it, his palm sliding across her warm, smooth skin. It felt different than he'd imagined it would, dense and firm like a ripening fruit, never quite the same from one day to the next.

Yes, there was no denying that she was pregnant, her body changing right before his eyes. But the idea that there was a person growing in there, a tiny being he'd helped create? He still had trouble wrapping his head around that