What Happened Why Do Prisoners Get Better Lunch Than Students?

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School lunch, what happened why do prisoners get better lunch then students’? Lunch is the most important meal of the day it give you fuel to finish the day and to stay awake to finish school. That’s the problems youth are not getting the right portions or not getting food at all.

Youth are throwing away the food they get from school they don’t like the taste or the food they are having. More students are throwing their food away because they don’t like what they are having or the taste of the food. The food is messed with from all the process it goes through its not healthy. Fruits and vegetables are not always fresh so no one wants to eats what they get it all goes to waste. 84 to 97 percent of students are throwing away their food.
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95 percent of students pack lunches for school lunch and it unhealthy foods like chips, cookies. 60 to 83 percent of students get a second lunch because they are still Hungary. Youth should be able too just eat one lunch and be full and not have to pay more for another lunch because they did not get enough to eat. It just shows that youth are not getting enough to eat or they don’t like what they have and it needs to change.

Youth cannot afford lunches and many schools will not let them eat or they just get a piece of bread and a little peanut butter. 76 percent of youth miss lunch because they are short on money or there parents forget to pay or the kids could have a stable home. Schools refuse youth that can’t afford lunches because they are short money or there parents forgot to pay. A 7 year old boy was refuse lunch because he had no money. How low can school go just to keep someone yet they let youth go Hungary because that don’t have enough money or they forget to