What Have You Noticed And Learnt About Yourself Communication

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What have you noticed and learnt about yourself communication/self talk

Before I started this course and module, I had no idea what my self-talk was like or even know what it was. As I have become more aware of what I was actually doing and mentally saying the more I understood how negative and hard I was on myself.

For example

I constantly looked in the mirror and thought poorly of myself and I didn't like the person who was looking back at me.

Just by changing a simple thought and saying to myself that you look good today over tie I have change my perception of myself. I have started to feel better about myself and I have a positive approach to my life

The most common negative thought I have is I cant do this and allow myself to talk me out of a situation as it might be to hard or I wasn't good enough to be in or deal with the problem I was facing.

I now have a strong chat with myself and tell myself I can do this hence why I'm typing this up now. I can do anything I put my mind to. I can learn any skill I require to complete a task and use this simple statement in every area of my life. Such a simple statement is making my life easier and more enjoyable.

Whilst studying this course and reading the pointers set out in module 1 I have realized that I do not listen to anyone talking.
I realized that when they were talking that I would formulate what to say to someone and by the time I went to say it, it often came out wrong and would often start to doubt what I was saying and would change what I was saying to make the other person happy and would go against my own beliefs. I noticed that my non-verbal and verbal communication were not always in sync with the situation and therefore gave mixed signals.

I also noticed that my communication with myself depended on what mood I was in. If I had a particularly bad day my self-talk was very negative, I have found that by taking control of my mind and not allowing the negative talk I can actually turn a bad/negative mood around.

My communication definitely changes when I am with different people, situation or stressed.

When I’m at work I feel confident that I have the knowledge needed. Basically I know the facts and figures so I can clearly communicate with my clients and answer any of their questions without fear of not knowing.

When I’m with my friends my communication is much more relaxed and I tend to rely on my non-verbal skills. You don’t always need to the answer to their problem or query, and so can rely on own experience or offer to help them find out what it is they need to know. I find though that this does vary dependent on the friend and what mood their in I seem to take on whatever atmosphere I have been put in and I have had to work on protecting myself from this.

I have 2 children so I try and give clear verbal and non verbal communication, I try to give this in a calm and precise manner so they understand what im saying and what’s expected of them. I find myself struggling to convey the communication if I am stressed, I know I need to talk calmly to them but in the past found myself exploding at very small indences and have no control over it. Since studying the course im am 90% better at controlling my own self-mind as I know it’s not the children’s problem.

The only time I have struggled in the past with communication is when I have something to say that might hurt or offend the others persons feelings. So I find myself holding back changing my mind and my communication then becomes very confusing. I have since realized that I need to be who I am and not to worry, as I need to be true to myself.

In this module I have identified and will try to explain my understanding of the key points of communication.

Modeling success

The fundamentals of success are relying on seeing what is underneath person’s behavior and what drives them to work the way they do.

It is how someone maintains his or her focus, vision and motivation over long periods of time.