What I Want To Go To College

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College. Many people think about it everyday. Right now I am surrounded by hundreds of my classmates all thinking about the same thing. Where do I want to go? Do I even want to go? How do I get started? Everyone gets so nervous, and everyone has the right to be. We are all trying to take the next step in moving on after high school. I have already come to a decision about the previous questions. I want to go to college. I always make sure I think about everything carefully before I make a decision. For example, I’ve been thinking about college ever since I started high school. It had always scared me and I wanted to make sure that I was ready. For the past year though, I have been set on going to college to get an education in business and law. I have a great knowledge and appreciation for these areas. Over the past year , I have partaken in job experiences from various sectors of the business world and would love to increase my understanding of the field by learning their legal aspects. I have also interned with a law firm this summer and have always admired the precise reasoning they use to attack their projects and problems. I see that skill as a unique and powerful tool, and I hope to be able to attribute it to myself at the end of my education. For one , I am an advocate. I have never been ashamed to stand up before a group to defend a cause. For example, while I was in one of my classes last year,my teacher lectured for an hour and fifteen minutes at a time solely from powerpoint presentations, paying no attention to any questions the students had for her. In addition, she never made herself available during office hours. I, along with many of my peers, were irritated. After hearing complaint after complaint, I decided something had to be done. So, I talked to my counselor and stated that I had no problem