What I Want To Pursue My Life

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Throughout the 16 years I have spent on earth I have never been able to decide how I would like to pursue my life. A combination of two liberal parents have produced what seems to be inquisitive child who dreams of versatility, I want to get the grades to be a scientist, vet, Pathologist or even a Engineer. So many doors that I could go through but so little time to choose.

Growing up in Dallas, Texas I have seen many interests and talents across the whole state, Horse riders who volunteer at vet surgeries after practice, athletes that work superficially in cancer research and even teachers who stay after school and hold groups for teenagers to help them succeed in life, to help them achieve the best they could ever achieve and these are some of the people that have inspired me to do good in life. From these inspirations I have came up with an idea for my future, one that I can play a few roles, yet play them all to the best of my abilities.

Eventually I will need a career path that will set me up for the rest of my life, and I will find that, sooner rather than later, but before all that I will figure out what I love, what I have a strong passion for, something that intrigues me, just something I will devote myself to. There will be dozens of ideas that come through my head of what I would like to continue with, I will deliberate and dispute, still being hesitant of if this is what I would like to be doing 10 years from now. But I’m pretty sure that doesn’t matter to me right now; its just a part of what has to happen. When I find that path of which I shall take, I will know. I will be the greatest. Starting off broad before refining myself to a certain extent, I need to achieve something that my mother would be proud of.

My mother passed away when I was 13 years old, I do not remember much from that time period as my mind was a blank maze, it was like my heart had been physically ripped from my chest and I was left lying on the floor, heartless.
She had always been one to help me throughout life, even with the smallest of things. When I was little I thought