Essay on What If I Broke All the Rules

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In the novel What if you broke all the rules by Liz Ruckdeschel and Sarah James, the reader gets to determine what happens to the main character, Haley, by choosing what path for her to follow. Throughout the book Haley has to make many decisions based upon her own judgment, because her mother and father are too caught up in their own lives and work, to teach their daughter right from wrong. While on her way to Reese’s house, the next door neighbor whom Haley has a crush on, Haley passes by her home(which is completely dark) and says “Guess no one is waiting up for me; looks like I won’t be rushing home for curfew.”(Page thirty-nine) Since Haley has just turned sixteen, she is starting to make decisions that could essentially affect the rest of her life. Throughout the book Haley’s parents do not establish rules or guidelines for her to follow, consequently allowing her to get the mindset that rules no longer apply because no one is hovering over her to see what she is doing. Haley’s mother, Joan, is a lawyer and her father, Perry, has been very busy trying to finish his documentary. As for Haley’s little brother Mitchell, he usually gets stuck at home either playing games by himself or Haley is stuck watching him. Throughout the novel Haley makes both good and bad decisions in which she learns from. Although her parents are not much help, Hayley turns out to be a good kid with a bright future. The overall moral of the story is no matter what happens you have to pick…