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What I'm Good At When I was about 8, I could already fix and old cellular phone. Since then, I thought it was fun just seeing cellphones just coming back to life. So now, I considered myself a talented boy who can fix technologies at such a young age where none of my family members can accomplish. One reason why I considered myself talented at fixing technologies is that I fixed a cell phone like its just a piece of legos. My dad once had an expensive computer which he still has, has many problems. Problems such as Viruses, Frozen sites and the P.C. itself. Knowing that its alot of money, I decided to challenge myself out. Since then I succeeded and succeeded and made the computer a new life of technology. I was pretty overwhelmed that I saved my father around 1,000 dollars for the year. Without me, my father could have lost a lot of money during the year. Another reason is my work of art on cellular phones. My brother and sister of course have a phone when they were tennagers but they would always have problems. I was only 11 at the time and never had a phone, yet know how to solve it just like pieces of legos. My brother and sister would always get bugs on their phone just by resolving their phones or do some hacking to get through. Now, I succeeded millions of times and now my brother and sister praise me as if I am the god of technology. One last reason is the fixing the biggest tech­devices of them all, electricity. Electricity is considered