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What impact has conflict had on Afghanistan’s Development?

Afghanistan is a country located in western Asia, between Pakistan and Iran. The Government was controlled by a group called the Taliban, but they were overthrown in 2001. The war itself was caused through a series of events: In September, the 9/11 terrorist attacks came; America found out it was Al-Qaeda; and because the Taliban refused to give up Al-Qaeda, and let them train in Afghanistan; America declared war on Afghanistan.

Looking at development indicators between pre-war and post-war, there has been a dramatic decrease in development during the conflict, but that is too simplistic of a statement to describe the development decrease. Adult literacy rates have dropped from 36% to 28%, but life expectancy at birth has gone up from 42 to 43. The lowering of adult literacy has gone down due to educational facilities being destroyed due to explosions in civilian areas. Currently, because the country is improving, the life expectancy at birth has gone up to 61 in 2012.
Another effect of infrastructure being destroyed is infant mortality rate going up. As this graph shows, in 2000 the deaths per 1000 births is ~150, but in 2004 it is closer to 165.
Afghanistan comes in as the highest in the world for Infant mortality rate, and 220th out of 223 for life expectancy. Because of this, the population pyramid in Afghanistan is very bottom-heavy, with an even percentage of death for all ages, leaving a smooth curve…