What Impact Has Conflict Had On Afghanistan's Development

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What impact has conflict had on Afghanistan’s development?
In this essay I will be explaining to you what impact conflict has had on Afghanistan’s development. I will be explaining 3 impacts; psychological impacts, population decrease and migration, and food shortage.
The first impact I am going to address is food shortage. Food shortage is a major problem for the troops and local residents in Afghanistan as they cannot get food because the Taliban forces are blocking off the roads to seize control of the food and medical convoys to gain the use of medical supplies and food for their own troops. It has been reported that the locals only have enough food to last them and their families for 2 months of winter but winter lasts 5-6 months BBC world news food shortage 2008 and this is added to the Taliban stopping the convoys of food supplies so shops may not even be able to supple food either. An emergency aid campaign might need to be started to help these people get their food supplies but then there is the risk of the food convoy getting stopped and it all starts again.
Some of the residents of Afghanistan think that they can solve this problem which brings me on to my next point, population decrease and migration.
Afghanistan’s population is decreasing but as you can see on the chart below that shows the deaths of civilians it is mainly due to anti-government forces-

The blue lines represent the pro-government killings.
The red lines represent the anti-government killings.
The green lines represent the undetermined killings.
At the start of the graph we can see that the pro-government forces were killing people without really checking if they were civilians or anti-government forces and we can see that at the start of the graph where the anti-government killings spike rises then becomes fairly even the pro-government spike rises and this suggests that the anti-government forces could have been hiding in a village or town and the pro-government forces where pursuing them. In 2011 91,000 people fled their villages, conflictmonitors.org for many reasons and the food shortage and anti-government forces were in amongst them. Another reason for this might be that the