What Impression Do We Gain Of Jane Eyre In The Opening Novel

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What impression do we gain of Jane Eyre in the opening chapters?

In the first few opening chapters Jane Eyre is seen as a mentally and physically abused child, during her years at Gateshead Hall. John Reed displays violence towards Jane in the first chapter. He punishes and bullies Jane; it is not known why the Reed family resent her so much. Her situation is seen as desperate within the first few paragraphs. Her cousins and Aunt make her life impossible and unbearable, she is not seen as a member of the family. Jane is simply seen as ‘’less than a servant’’ as she does ‘’nothing for her keep’’.

In the first few opening paragraphs of chapter one it is possible to see that Jane Eyre doesn’t get on with either member of the Reed
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This quote proves her desperation in order to get out of the red room. But of course, Jane was seen to be attention seeking. She shouted and cried ‘’take me out’’. But again she was believed to be attention seeking and using her ‘’naughty tricks’’. Again we begin too see Jane’s desperate need for care and love. As she doesn’t feel safe, she is being neglected and she is lonely. Jane then begs ‘’Oh, aunt! Have pity! Forgive me! I cannot endure it- let me be punished some other way!’’ we begin to see Jane’s desperation and her fear about the red room. Jane has managed to work herself up to am awful state; because of this she has a fit. The emotion was too much for her.

In chapter three Mr.Loyd the family’s kind apothecary who ‘’is called in by Mrs. Reed when the servants were ailing: for herself and the children she employed a physician’’. This again proves that Jane was not seen as a member of the family or important within it. She was simply seen as ‘’less than a servant’’. The next morning Mr.Loyd is concerned about Jane’s state, Jane explains she has been crying because she was ‘‘miserable’’, although he didn’t quite understand why. Jane then goes onto explain that she is ‘’unhappy-very unhappy, for other things’’. Jane starts to open up about the abuse she has been receiving form the Reed family, this is the first time she is able to do so in the novel. It is also in this