What Is A 5 Day School Week

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5 Day School Week vs. 4 Day School Week Would you prefer going to school four days a week rather than five? Now if you’ve answered that question with a yes answer this next question, would you rather go to school for nine hours a day versus six hours? Although having a four day school week may mean more time to goof off on the weekends and save money for your school, but it also has its cons. Needless to say, I am against a four day school week, and 100% for the traditional five day school week.
Some of the schools used that fifth day off for extracurricular activities; they may as well just have school all week and utilize the time after school to take part in such activities. Aside from trying to do to extracurricular activities outside of school hours and on days that being there aren’t required. That fifth day was meant to be treated as a holiday weekend where they could shut everything off so help preserve energy and money. I feel that this is the way they should stay.
I have been in school in long enough to know that students would not utilize the three day weekend for homework. They would use the extra day to go out and hang out with friends. They would not focus on the extra day as an opportunity to study, and would see it instead as another day of freedom. I believe that taking away the extra school day would have the opposite effects than was originally intended.
I believe that taking away one day of school and adding three hours to each school day would end up costing the school a lot of money. The school would have to pay extra money to run utilities. They would also have to buy more food, because no student can function from 7:50 to 4:50 on lunch alone. They would also still have to spend money on transportation. I believe the school would end up spending the same amount of money, if not more, during a four day week as they would on a five day week.
One might put up the argument, “The school would save so much money if we took on a four day week instead of a