What Is A Balanced Scorecard

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Strategic Plan
Rachael Sontag
September 1, 2014
Victor DeJesus
A Balanced Scorecard According to Kaplan and Norton’s original scorecard, there are four quadrants or perspectives. These quadrants or perspectives are the business process perspective, the learning and growth perspective, the customer perspective, and the financial perspective. Each of these perspectives is linked to each other since the success of one perspectives leads to the success in each of the others. After completing the SWOT analysis, Angel Dresses & Garbs will use the four perspectives to make the company a success.
The business process perspective assists managers to view the success of the day-to-day operations of the business and meeting all goals. There are two types of business process which is the mission process and the support process. The mission or business process the measuring of costs and quality of the key operational processes, such as services offered and having the ability to meet the needs of consumers (CPA, Hartnett & CPA, Matan, 2011).
Angel Dresses & Garbs does not receive much monetary donations. Most of the donations that the company receives are in the form of clothing donations. The only advertising that is done on the behalf of the business is through word of mouth and sharing through social media. Monetary donations are given from families that have benefited from receiving clothing for their little Angel. To show their appreciation, the families usually extend a monetary gift of thanks so that other parents can also benefit from receiving clothing in the time of need. One of the goals of Angel Dresses & Garbs is to keep donations coming in.
To keep donations flowing in, the company will need to target a larger audience. Pamphlets will need to be created explaining the purpose of this company, who we help, and the reason why this non-profit company came into existence. These pamphlets will be left in doctor’s offices and area hospitals. Creating pamphlets will reach more individuals and will create awareness for Angel Dresses & Garbs.
Learning and Growth The learning and growth perspective focuses on the non-profit human capital to measure satisfaction, skills, connections within the community, skills, and the adherence of missions of Angel Dresses & Garbs. The human capital includes the volunteers. The performance of volunteers must be measured appropriately since they are the major sources that represent the company (CPA, Hartnett & CPA, Matan, 2011).
Angel Dresses & Garbs was created with the goal of offering parents a piece of mind and comfort during the loss of a child. As a parent that has lost a child during the second trimester of pregnancy, not being able to find clothing that would fit him was quite difficult. Individuals that are grieving the loss of their Angel will find comfort in knowing that their child can be put to his or her final resting place without having to search for a particular outfit in sizes in stores are not available. These children will be able to receive clothing instead of having to be put to rest in just a mere hospital blanket. These garments will be offered at no cost to the parents. Each volunteer that helps create these garments gives his or her time for these families.
Increasing the awareness of the need for volunteers with sewing skills will help Angel Dresses & Garbs to create more clothing in a shorter amount of time. Explaining the company’s mission to the volunteers will create a more passionate work environment and will give the volunteers a sense of giving back to the community.

The Customer
The customer perspective is a how the volunteer or donor’s experience. The more satisfied a customer or donor is, the more engaged he or she becomes in the organization. The satisfaction of customers will suggest how financially successful the company will be. The financial perspective is geared toward a