What Is A New Depth Of Responsibility

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Lauren Copeland A new depth of responsibility “Your life begins to change the day you take responsibility for it,” said a man named Steve Maraboli. I have always been a responsible person. I have maintained an “B” average in all of my classes, practiced during the summer for the SATs in order to take the real test, and balanced my social life with my education. However, when I began my first job I was introduced to a new depth of responsibility. I filled out my first job application to work at McDonald’s located in Chestnut Hill. Weeks later I received a phone call from the owner, Derek. He said, “ Hi, Lauren, this is Derek calling from Chestnut Hill McDonald’s. I was wondering if you were still interested in the job?” I immediately said, “Yes, I am.” My interview was scheduled for the following week in the afternoon. I was ecstatic about this job interview and I began to prepare myself. At the interview I was asked a variety of questions like “Why do you think you would be a good fit for McDonalds?”and “Have you ever been accused of stealing?” In response I said, “I would be a good fit because I know what it means to work as a team, to work together to get the job done. I have the abilities of leadership and a sense of responsibility.”And “No, I have not ever been accused of stealing because I know what is mine and what is not.” The owner seemed impressed and the very next day in the afternoon I received a phone call saying I got the job.
After receiving the awesome news that I got the job at McDonald’s I received training days. While on the twenty-three bus on my way to training I began to think about my new coworkers. If they would like me or not but I knew to just relax be myself and just learn the basics of the register. I began to catch on fast and my managers and co-workers were impressed. I knew I should just keep up the hard work. As the job went on my managers wanted to move faster and I knew I could. As time passed I got faster and learned quicker and easier ways to do things. In order to get quicker I memorized the menu and prices to make it easier for me and the customers. I began to look over the machines and I learned I can make three drinks at the same time. By me listening to the “experts” I made things easier on myself.
As a cashier you learn that you are responsible for the money in your drawer. You start off with seventy-five dollars in your drawer and you have to count it before you start work. Even though we have managers they make mistakes as well. During the day you give your manager how ever much money if you need nickels you give he/she four dollars, dimes, five dollars, quarters ten dollars,pennies one dollar, and for the bills give how ever much you need worth. After taking the order you have to make sure you give the right amount of change back to the customer if not the customer will be upset. At the end of the night the manager “cashes out” your drawer, meaning that he/she counts the money. The receipt tells the manager how much you made for the day and that is how much they should come out with. But that is not always the case because sometimes your drawer can come up short because you stole, gave out too much money, or counted your drawer wrong. My drawer is never short because I know it is my responsibility to know how much money I started with and how much I am supposed to come out with.
Furthermore how much your suppose to get paid at the end of the week is also your responsibility. You have to keep track of how many hours you have worked in order to figure how much you are supposed to get paid. Pay day is the