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The video ‘A Vision of Students Today’ tries to convey the comparison between the traditional roots of education system and today’s students chasing visions of their futures. Me being one of today’s student incline more towards the survey that was conducted shown in the video as well as its results. Also, it definitely helped me reflect on my own experiences. “My neighbor pays for the class but never comes”, as a student states in the video; nor did I attend 90% of my classes. Even I bought a hundred dollar worth a text book but never completed more than 20% of it. The thousand dollar laptop that I own is being used more for movies than for assignments & journals.

Anyway, friends were made even when there was no Internet; whereas we still have people with cell phones & computers making remarkable revolutions in their respective fields. What I mean to say is that Education, Technology and Knowledge are three independent entities.

I believe that before watching this video; my vision, like everyone else’s was to get a degree, a good job and a settled life. By thinking so I might have blindly chased my future just like the wild youth these days. Although after analyzing this documentary, I have realized that knowledge and education are equally important; & technology on the other hand saves us all only when its sole purpose is to bolster the knowledge to gain education while success simply follows.


The beginning of the article ‘Their whole lives ahead of them’ asserts an alarming fact that only about 4 out of 10 students receive a degree within 6 years. Especially after it reflecting on my own experiences and scenario! Reality # 1 states that,” Most students leave college because they are working to support themselves and going to school at the same time. At some point the stress of work and study just becomes too difficult.”

My personal scenario portrays as such: * Part-time students do not receive any funding from any organization. * A social cloud of people (friends) who are continually provoking you to see an amusing and expensive but delusive world outside of the books. * A constant pressure from the peers to spend as much less money as possible and the need to not give the peers any sort of financial pressure by taking care of my own expenses. * Money is never enough and rather makes me want to earn more & more. It’s a loop-hole.

Maybe after all this, a student is left with no other alternative but to work part-time. This results into a student having poor academic performance & loss of interest in studies; further having to drop out. I do not claim that working is prohibited for every student. What I have realized after reading this article is that ‘Time Management’ plays a key role in every student’s life. Priorities should be set straight and the student should never forget that he/she is a student and solely not just an employee at a certain company. Your work schedule should be made based on your study schedule & not vice-versa.
However, after getting more than requested number of hours at work, I have conceived that money makes you hungry whereas wisdom gives you contentment. I finally gathered all my guts to quit my job and solely devote myself to studies.

“Comment On Aliana Kopec’s Response”

After reading the article "With their whole lives ahead of them" , I found out about why do student not successfully finish college/university and drop out within a couple years. Several individuals wonder why these students come to attend their classes, purchase the text books and pay a high amount of tuition to then later just drop out. The article states "The facts, though show quite a different picture: Among students, 45 percent work more than 20 hours a week". This is just one of the facts that is affecting students to drop out. This personally relates