What Is an American? Essay

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What is an American? Today, the United States of America is commonly viewed as “The Melting Pot.” Many different people of all different kinds come to America every day in order to hopefully turn around their lives in the land of new opportunity. Americans love and take pride in their country. Also, Americans have endless opportunities and resources to succeed in life, while still having the freedom to believe what they want and to lead their own lives. Being “The Melting Pot,” America attracts people from all around the world, giving a vibe to people of other nations that this is the ideal place to settle down and thrive in. Living in America means that a person will not be judged by their skin or simply by the language they speak. Being a blend of all different kinds of people, America is general. For example, there is no official language. For centuries, America has allowed immigrants to come over from many different backgrounds, cultures, races, countries, and religions. When a person lives in America and starts his life here, an emotional attachment takes place. To be an American is to take pride in his country, to love his country for all the joy and success it has brought him. A person should take pride in his country also because this is the country that has let him and his family flourish and thrive without humiliation and pain. For example, in “What is an American?”, Crevecoeur writes about how in Europe, if a person was poor he would work for a wealthy person and get little or no pay in return. Americans are so lucky to live in a land of opportunity. Unlike many third-world countries, America is set up in almost the easiest way possible so that people can succeed in life. For example, going to college is fairly easy because working hard in high school is not done in vain. There are many scholarship awards to reward hard work with good results. Another example is that it is easy to start a business of any type. Those are some of the top reasons why people want to come to America. Since Americans have the opportunity to lead a successful life, most are hard working and are productive with the tools they have been given. If Americans were not willing to work hard to improve their country, then America