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Anne Bradstreet was the one of the first of women to publish her poetry, her writing which follows what was expected in Puritan woman in the seventeenth century. The introduction of new ideas, cultures, and industry changed not only others views on America but the views that society holds itself. Crevecoeur focuses on the role that religion plays on the American people where as Bradstreet did as well. Although Bradstreet in her writings respects the standards and expectations of her Puritan culture she introduces discussion of ideas contrary to the standards. They both show the importance of religion and demonstrate the new ways of thinking about fate as they are among a ‘new world.’ Bradstreet salutes this by clever wording and the meanings, by facing disagreements with her own feelings, and showing the contradictions in her poems; such as The Prologue. Bradstreet’s The Prologue, begins in such a meek manner. She goes to call herself simple and also comparing herself to a broken instrument. I’ve noticed that when Bradstreet writes it is written to prove something with her particular wording. For instance, in the seventh stanza where she says, “Men have precedency and still excel,/ It is but vain unjustly to wage war;/ Men can do best, and women know it well” (Baym, 99). Men are superior as Bradstreet knows and she isn’t fighting it, she just wants to be heard and show them among the new world in which they live, women seem to be developing much more. Puritan’s were separatists who believed that people were chosen by God for grace and salvation, becoming the children of God who that which he protected. It was in a world dominated by men, and with a society that valued the difference, women shall know their place and be modest with the expectations to accept it, which was at home, raising children and so on, and that is what Anne did. But as she states, “Who says my hand a needle better fits/ A poet’s pen all scorn I should thus wrong.” (Baym, 98). She is trying to portray that she shouldn’t have to have a place just as home; which brings us back to her trying to prove that woman see a different life for themselves than they think, with new ideas and ways. For women in the early seventeenth century to write and see her work being published was remarkable, but for a woman dwelling in the new world to achieve literary success during this time would only seem impossible. Daily life was a constant struggle, especially for women. Bradstreet believed that woman in her society was treated unfairly, and that the sex should be so insignificant. In her poetry she addresses the struggle and conflicts and expressing her own opinions. Throughout her writings I think it is rather a muted declaration of Independence and more as a challenge to the men. Anne sharply criticizes the male world for it was their unjust prejudice and hostility against the female world. As times were developing the women started to see a different fate. For instance, Bradstreet as said before used clever wording and their double meanings in poetry to criticize the male dominated world. Anne used such literary devices like sarcasm and irony; ones in which only people especially in this time could imagine of. I keep referring back to The Prologue because I feel that it holds so much of what she had to say regarding the women’s position still even in the upbringing of new ways. For example, in the opening stanza she uses the understatement ‘mean pen’ to indicate her ability. Bradstreet’s focus was to prove that women weren’t so weak and could do more other than what was expected of them, in reference to their place at home. She is merely asking for the acknowledgement of womanhood.
Aforementioned throughout her writings she is trying to prove something to humanity and the Puritan standards. There was a lot coming from her poetry, such as in The Prologue but which introduces the rest of her writings as well. For instance, her poem, Contemplations , was about time…