What is an Athlete Essay

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Cady Messmer
College Writing

I am an athlete. Many of my friends are athletes. We have experienced roles and actions that should be taken and accomplished to become one. With that being said, what does it mean to be an athlete? Does it simply mean that you play a sport, or you participate on a sports team, or does it mean something more than that? The word athlete does not have a single simple answer, but has a complex meaning that is taken further beyond the point of just playing a sport. Being athletic and being an athlete are defined in very different ways. A true athlete does not have to have the highest of athletic abilities. Being an athlete cannot be fabricated, but humbly something you are innately born with. Being gifted with strength, stamina, and physical ability does not define an athlete. Instead, the true definition of one is having the capability to be more mentally smart than physically smart, being passionate, and displaying love and dedication partakes in the idea of what an athlete is. Although the dictionary definition describes an athlete well, they fail to define what the true meaning is. For someone to be considered a true athlete there needs to be more character and mental qualities than just physical qualities. Just like saying, “there is more to a person than what meets the eye,” there is more to an athlete than the physicality of one. A true athlete is not one to weaken or stop trying. They will give 110 percent while playing a sport, and just by watching them play, you know they are never one to give up. Fatigue and being lazy does not exist to an athlete; those two words will never be found in the dictionary of an athlete. They will play to their full potential for an entire game to show what their capabilities are. Staying upbeat and energized through an entire game/match, an athlete is proving to try and better him or herself and be all that they can be. It is one thing to play at your skill level, but pushing and driving towards success will create higher achievements you as an athlete. Putting in the extra time and effort for a particular sport and trying to enhance a skill level also examples how an athlete can be defined. Athletes will go the extra mile to not only improve their abilities, but those of their teammates as well. What else defines an athlete? An athlete displays various traits during and away from the sport being played. Traits such as respect, leadership, positivity, focus, and determination really express whether someone is a genuine athlete or not. Being respectful to your teammates, coaches, officials, or even the other team is a huge aspect of what being an athlete is all about. Without respect, you’re not only looked down on, but people will consider you a “poor sport” and that is the opposite of what an athlete is. Positivity is another trait that must be acquired to define being an athlete. A positive athlete keeps fellow players up, and keeps the game going smoothly. They never allow themselves to personally get down, and never let their teammates get down either. Staying focused is a big part of being an athlete. Their undivided attention goes to the sport they play and outside activities never get in the way of what they do. That transitions into dedication. Athletes take the time outside of practices or games to better themselves and the others around them. More than their best goes into what they do, and they will never allow