What Is Anti Basis Curriculum

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Final Paper The goal of having anti-basis curriculum is to help children learn to be accepting of others of race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, disability. Students participating in anti bias curriculum become comfortable with diversity and learn to stand up for themselves as a teacher in the future students are learning about difference and they need a teacher to help them to have a positive attitude about people. Students who have a guidance of caring teachers children learn to speak up for themselves and others. By having an accepting environment children find that they have the ability to change situations and have positive attitude in the future. Having anti- basis curriculum begin in early childhood and continue throughout the school year. For example children who start to learn both English and Mandarin Chinese so that by the completion of the school they have the basic proficiency in both languages. The class is taught by an English teacher and Chinese teacher with the help of teaching assistants. Teachers will speak native language they use for instruction.
Standards: What should students know and able to do? First Grade Language Arts/ Reading
Content: Select materials to read
Read aloud familiar stories and poems
Use strategies to comprehend
Activate: Children can solve problems and think for themselves Children learn best through experience and activates that are interesting.
Teaching and learning is child centered
Children have the knowledge based on what they already know
Acquire having mixed age groups and having a wide range of materials within each classroom to meet the individuals needs of children
Grouping Decision: Students can learn from each other Sharing can be done with students, standing, and sitting on the floor, sitting around a table.
Assess: Encourage children to show what they know through presentation and participation
Safety plays an important role in the student’s lives. When students think that their teachers do not like them children are fearful of what their teachers or others may say and how they may treat them the students will not learn. However children need to feel belong in school so students can develop. Students need to have affection that can help through smiles, and eye contact. For example Thomas Gordon developed a child guidance program based on teacher students relationship. He developed Parent Effectiveness Training for parents and Teachers Effectiveness Training for teachers. Both programs use communication as the primary means of helping parents and build positive relationship with children relationship that foster self destruction, self responsibility, self determination, self control.
For my lesson plans I have to make sure that all students can feel safe so they can if they understand or do not understand. In the class each student is respected the students will know that learning is a process and everyone learns differently. Being a teacher in the future I have to make sure that students will not get bored in the class. In the classroom students needs to be engaged in the class and needs to have self confidence so when they ready to approach the task the students will know that they will succeed. Having a preassessment will require what students are able to. First I will assess each students of what the child is learning rather than comparing one child with another. Second I will use the work samples, learning journals and presentations. Finally I will have the assessment throughout the school year. The reason why I use portfolios because it provides a better picture and provide evidence for each grade that has been givem. This will help students to reflect on their work and to set goals in the classroom. Being a teacher in the future students will develop metacognitive strategies through practice learning because it is effective. For example if I have kinesthetic learners in the class they learn best by doing and moving any by becoming