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What is art? “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time,” Thomas Merton said. I read this quote the last year and I found it so true. The most easy way to prove or believe this quote is to look all that you have inside and express it. One way of express whatever you are it is through art. There are several types of art and elements. Each person understands the art from a different point of view. My point of view about what is art, is dance. It is the power to express yourself with movements, with steps and each of the movements is a different meaning. That's why I love to dance, so I also like art. Because all art has a meaning, so you can explain what you're trying to express, to give meaning to a choreography and to repeat it over and over again with the same emotion, soul. Music is a very important part in the dance. To dance you have to include when you include music and dance together create the art. In spite of that for me art is dance; I understand the other parts of the art. Art includes paintings, photographs, sculpture, movies, plays, music, dance, fashion, books, poetry and design. Art is created for many reasons. Artists create this works of art to make us feel an emotion with movies, tells us a story in a book, confused us with abstractions, make a point of a photo or awaken our senses with music and dance. Art is a component of culture, reflecting the ideas, traditions, religion, preferences of each artist, etc. Art can be…