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Art Show Write Up

Transforming Hate

To be honest the art that was on display was challenging for me to understand. I got the general idea of the object on display but struggled using critical thinking to find the meaning beyond the image. I didn’t feel like I related much to the art work therefore it lost my attention after the first walk through of the building. Don’t take me wrong the art had a great meaning behind it. After coming home and reading the gallery guide I understood more of what the pieces meant. There was a large canvas of what I am assuming was the artist thoughts written down on paper. Thoughts about hate, this for me highlighted what his collection was about. But in the back of my mind I thought I could do this. I would just need to find a piece of my writing that had annotations and revisions. I would need to choose a piece that was important to me and had great meaning then I could go and blow it up on a canvas board and turn around and sell it for loads of money! In the center of the room on the first floor was a huge moose trap holding a White Man’s Bible. This sculpture made me think, white men are being trapped by Hitler. There was a lot of art that showed Hitler, this I believe is the time period the artist focused on. There was an enormous piece of art that caught my eye as I walked in. The background was colorful and full of words that related to the large symbol of the board, peace. To me peace is the freedom of all hate! On the other side of this piece of art was some kind of war symbol, I am unaware what the specific name of this symbol was. So it was the total opposites, the war symbol side