What is art? Essay

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There is usually an agreement that something is a work of art, but what causes this agreement? Is there something objective in the arrangement of the artwork that causes some kind of aesthetic experience in each of us, or is it entirely a subjective interpretation? The statement “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” makes it clear that beauty is such a relative term. What holds beauty to one, may not hold beauty to another. So, if a concept such as beauty, can be that subjective, can the same be said for a medium of largely interpretative products, such as art? There must be some quality that distinguishes a work of art from that of an “ordinary” object. Some may say that art is a relative concept and that if someone designates something as art, it is art. I believe there must be more to it. Artwork requires creativity, skill, and the ability to entertain. Art is the ultimate form of the expression of an artist’s creativity. Creativity is innate to all of us, and it is unique to each of us. Art also requires a good bit of skill. Skills are specific abilities that are fostered with diligent practice and/or natural talent. While creativity may enable the artist to imagine the piece, skill allows the artist to bring it to life. What ultimately makes a piece of artwork is its ability to entertain(The X Factor). The goal of art should be to express yourself and allow others to enjoy your expression. Art puts skills and creativity to work for the purpose of