What Is Attachment?

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“Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached.”, a quote said by Simone Weil, expressing the idea that being attached to something does take its poll in this world, for really to do something that is right, a person must be detached from the intimidating pull of attachment. Being protected from attachment can give you perspective in going in the right direction, gives the means of protection of attraction and attachment, and can also help you to become strong for other people, standing up for their morals and beliefs.
Having too much of an attachment towards something, can be too much at times. Feelings towards the topic(s) can be overwhelming and cause us to lose sight and perspective, on the subject itself. The more you struggle against the unpleasant circumstances of the moment, the more time and energy you waste. One example would be a couple that had just broken up. Being much attached to her boyfriend, even though the relationship lasting for a week, has led to her having a strong, indivisible affiliation, resulting in her perspective on life to lose focus, and sway to the bad sad in life. If the girl were to be emotionally detached from her ex-partner, than would she have continued her life at the fullest.
The protection given also has a big impact on emotional stability. As we humans have a soul and heart for caring and nurturing the sick, poor and disabled, we are easily swayed by the realities that we face alone in this world. Having some sort of emotional detachment from these realities, can give some breathing space, and give us time to step back and not fall in the hands of affinity. With all the disastrous happenings in this world like Ebola in Africa, or typhoons in the Philippines, it is hard for us to detach from the situation for a lot of people do get swept up in the sadness of it all. Falling back and rethinking on the avoidance of taking any troubles can help a person from falling into feelings of