What Is Business Integration And Evaluation

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Business Integration and Evaluation

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Executive Summary XYZ Construction Inc. is an American privately owned company. XYZ provides services in the horizontal construction industry, building bridges, roads and airstrips. XYZ has relied exclusively on government contracts for more than 50 years of operation. During the past three years, the company has benefited the US recovery stimulus package by gaining lot of government projects. The company was awarded a significant number of contracts allowing him to post successive positives Net Income. However, as political gridlock will occur to grip Washington DC, and fiscal austerity will remain a vital concern at a state and local level, where revenues are still below trend, additional spending plans are unlikely to be passed. This situation will lead to fewer contract opportunities for XYZ and much tighter competition especially with the well-branded companies, leading to reduced new order bookings and placing pressure on bidding margins. To prevent any drawback in the growth of their business, the owners have set a goal to go public and raise capital to finance the expanding theirs business scope. XYZ Construction Inc. wants to diversify its business customer base by exploring the Asian construction market and also increase his market share in the US. XYZ Construction Inc. wants also to expand his expertise by adding green building and residential and non-residential construction to its portfolio. These expansions will help XYZ Company to offset the increased competition for contract opportunities and reinforce its capabilities to resist a recession in any of its geographic location. Before engaging in this long journey, XYZ needs to elaborate a Marketing Strategy. As define by the American Marketing Association, marketing is the definition of set of processes to create, communicate and deliver value to customers and to manage customer relationship, in the way to benefit the company and its owners. (US Department of Transportation, 2007)
Situation Analysis XYZ Construction has more than 50 years in the construction industry. Nevertheless the company market is very limited to small geographic locations; also its customer base is solely the government. XYZ has developed over the years an outstanding expertise design and building horizontal structure. XYZ is well known for its pre-construction services (prefabricated bridge elements and systems) and is frequently invited to team with other builders for its expertise. Market Summary XYZ Construction Inc. has been serving its customers for many decades by providing three core benefits: Quality, Efficiency, and Affordability. XYZ Construction Inc. knows his customer and provide them a magnificent customer relationship. Target Markets XYZ