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What is Cellullite?

Cellulite is simply an architectural disorder that occurs in 98% of females after puberty. This figure may seem high – but a surprising number of women will have some form of cellulite. The appearance of cellulite can be graded according to a system devised by a German doctor in 1972.
The Nurenberg Grading System

Grade 0: This is where there is no visible cellulite when either standing or lying down. There is no mattress like appearance in the skin. It is very rare to achieve this state, but not impossible.
Grade 1: Normal smooth skin is visibile when standing or lying down, but that “mattress like” appearance occurs after pinching the skin.
Grade 2: A mattress like appearance is visible when standing, but disappears on lying down.
Grade 3: This is the most severe grading of cellulite. The mattress like appearance is present in both standing and lying down positions.

Complete understanding of the complex process of cellulite formation is still not fully understood in the scientific world. There are so many possible factors that could play a part in how cellulite forms and persists. But don’t panic! This doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. What you have to understand about this complex medical problem is that getting rid of it is about adopting a completely different lifestyle that encourages development of a body type that is incompatible with cellulite formation. Don’t feed the problem with an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. Fight it at every possible opportunity in your diet and exercise, because although it really may seem like a battle at first the results are worth it at the end.
Although cellulite is a very complex problem, there are a couple of things that the scientific world is sure about...

Gender and race plays a big role in cellulite formation. There is a reason that women are more prone than men. Unaffected men and women have a “criss-crossing” pattern of connective tissue that contains that fat cells, whereas affected individuals lack this specific pattern. In cellulite, the fat is then allowed to bulge through the connective tissue giving that mattress like appearance. In terms of race, white Caucasians are at the most risk of developing some form of cellulite, and Asians are at the least risk.
Unfortunately pregnancy makes it much more likely to get cellulite as the development of a baby in the womb primarily aims to make the mother’s body as rich in nutrients and fat in order to keep the baby well and happy.
Linked to your race, some people are just lucky and are immune from developing cellulite. This is not something that you can help or change, but understanding and accepting your genetic past is important to starting the process of eliminating cellulite.
As well as the factors mentioned above, there are several other factors that have been shown to be important in…