What Is Clarence Darrow's Argument Against The Two Teenegers?

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During the trail, Loeb’s family hired lawyer, Clarence Darrow to defend the two teenagers. Clarence Darrow is the best American attorney, he took the case and decided to defend Leopold and Loeb. Darrow didn’t argue the innocence of the two teenegers but he did fight to not have the teenagers get the cruel death penalty. Darrow is the first to use the mental illness card as a defense. During the trial Darrow gave a 12 hour long closing statement in which he said “ The alienists who have examined him during the weeks have been able to read him. He does not believe in the laws which rule us and the police are but obstructions which might stand in the way of living the life he has built” ( Darrow Lifts Veil Of Franks Defense Line). This was said