What Is Decolonization Essay

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What is decolonization? Define and give an example of it. (Personal, from readings, or from lecture)
A process of learning to love one’s self again
What is Oppression? What are the 3 I’s of Oppression? Define them and give examples of each.
Oppression is an unjust or cruel exercise of power or authority.
Internalized oppression: Internalizing oppressive messages you see or hear in mass media, government, or institutions such as your church and family.
Interpersonal oppression: Internalized oppressive messages that affect your behavior towards other people. To believe, accept or live out those stereotypes.
Institutional oppression: Unfair and unjust policies or laws passed by government, schools, the judicial systems and other bodies of power. Jim Crow laws.

What are the 4 models of understanding immigration? Define each. Identify which one is deemed as limiting and shortsighted out of the four and why.
Land of opportunity: Immigrants to the United States.
Push/pull models: Immigrants being pushed from their countries of origin by certain environments and events.
Imperialism, Industrial Revolution, and capitalism: Major global changes in regards to politics and the economy to explain movements of peoples from one country to another.
International Labor Migration: People who are pushed and pulled throughout the globe.

What is Cultural Hybridity? Define and give an example of it from your personal experience, readings, or lecture.
The formation of cultural objects and