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What is designer babies?
When you hear designer babies you might think that you are making outfits and etc, but the real term is defined as i a baby whose genetic makeup has been selected in order to eradicate a particular defect, or to ensure that a particular gene is present. Basically saying the parents are able to choose the genetics of their child before birth. This topic is highly debated if it is right or wrong to select the child’s genes.
Pros for designing babies
Some of the pros are modifying the genes for parent because they are carriers for cancer or birth defects so they could take the bad genes and put in good genes to create a healthy baby. With today technology they believe that they can choose the characteristic of the baby such as hair color, eye color, brain mass, height etc. They also use this to have a baby to be a savior for a sibling that has cancer or a birth defect. An example of this is My Sister Keeper, which is a prime example. This is a novel and later created into a movie, but is this really an ethical thing to do? To create a human to then destroy it for another human when real they never want to be saved. Wouldn’t this become a slow killer? Shouldn’t this be decide by the “savior” whether or not to be a savior?
Cons for designer babies
Some couples are abandoning or aborting their designer baby, after getting stem cells. To get physical beauty from the stem cells. In some cases they abort the babies, because the doctor says that the baby…