What Is Education - Allegory of the Cave Essay

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Dear College Bound Student,

You are about to embark upon an important journey. You are going to pursue a higher education. To succeed in attaining a higher education, you must first understand what is education. Everyone from ancient Greek philosophers to modern day English professors have evaluated the definition and goal of education. You must gather the knowledge of these humanitarians to understand the definition education, thereby directing you down the right path towards an enlightening college experience.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato describes education in his "Allegory of the Cave" as a process of spiritual enlightenment. According to Plato:

If (one) is reluctantly dragged up a steep and rugged

ascent, and
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You have the potential for acquiring a "good" education, but you must turn and face your challenges in order to obtain knowledge in college.

Earl Shorris determined that the poor were unable to progress in America, because they were never guided, "turned away from the world," to think. In Shorris,' "On the Uses of a Liberal Education: As a Weapon in the Hands of the Restless Poor," he stated, "To enter the public world, to practice the political life, the poor had first to learn to reflect…the humanities provided an entrance to reflection and the political life." (Durst 143) Shorris shares Edmundson's view that every soul possesses the power of learning. He understood that by educating the poor, they had the chance to gain enlightenment. The educational course that Shorris established gave the poor a means of conquering their predicament, exhibiting the power of a "good" education. Relative to Shorris' students, you must realize that you are very privileged. You have the opportunity to acquire a college education. Do not take your education for granted but make the best of your years in college by pursuing the enlightenment your courses offer.

By collecting the insight of each author who discusses education, a definition can be fabricated. Education is a process of intellectual training and cultivation to further develop knowledge and attain enlightenment. Every person has the ability to gain knowledge but must act upon