What Is Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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The one thing that all humans fear is terror itself. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, this thematic idea is present throughout the entire novel. The story introduces several examples of fear, but also emphasizes the effects placed on an orderly society when terror is involved. When faced with fear, civilization collapses. Fear causes people to do one of two things- they either act upon the situation or hide from its impacts. Either way, it takes a toll on them. After Ralph, Roger, and Simon encountered what they thought was the beast, “Ralph found himself taking giant strides among the ashes, heard other creatures crying out and leaping, and dared the impossible on the dark slope; presently the mountain was deserted, save for the three abandoned sticks and the thing that bowed” (123). The boys run away simply because they are afraid of the mysterious beast atop the mountain. The group later decides that because “that thing sits up …show more content…
After Ralph and Piggy discover that most of the older boys have left, Piggy says “I seen them stealing off when we was gathering wood. They went that way. The same way as he went himself” (131). Ralph’s group represents order and civilization while Jack represents hunting and savagery. Jack’s uncivilized nature has spread to the older boys so that they also decide to leave the rules behind. “While Roger mimed the terror of the pig, the littluns ran and jumped on the outside of the circle. Piggy and Ralph, under the threat of the sky, found themselves eager to take part in this demented but partly secure society” (151-152). At this point, every boy has become uncivilized in some way. Even two of the most sensible people, Ralph and Piggy, have come to enjoy certain mischievous activities. This proves how civilization stands no chance against the spread of