What Is Hamilton's Role During The French Revolution

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1. Continental Congress - Was a convention of delegates called together from the 13 colonies. The Continental Congress acted as the United States Government for most of the 17th century. 2. Boston Tea Party - was a political protest by the Sons of Liberty, on December 16, 1773. 3. Hamilton’s essays against slavery - Hamilton believed slavery was immoral. Abolishing slavery wasn't his main goal in life, Hamilton played a large role in the development of belief that all men are created equal. 4. Lee battle at Monmouth - Lee was put in charge at the battle at Monmouth. He failed and allowed the british to seize the initiative. Lucky George Washington came and rallied the troops. Lee blew his shot.
5. Freedom for America and Freedom for France - France allied with America to fight Britain. America gaining its freedom sparked the french revolution.
6. Washington and Mount Vernon - Washington lived and grew tobacco at his Virginia home. Washington owned slaves ironically enough. 7. Battle of Yorktown - was the last important battle of the revolution. It was a decisive win for the colonists. 8. Yorktown was Hamilton’s shot - During the siege of Yorktown Hamilton was put in charge to lead the attack. 9. Hercules
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He supported the constitution and believed in a loose interpretation of it, along with believing America should have a strong central government. He and the rest of the federalist party wanted to strengthen the national credit by creating a bank and pushed for funding at par and assumption.Although Hamilton was pro-britain, he also would have been known as pro-patriot. Like many other patriots, he joined the Sons of Liberty. His role in the group was by no means very significant. But being the influential figure that he was, joining the Sons of Liberty led others to do the same. Hamilton and the group shared a few beliefs including, a strong central government run by Americans, not