What is happiness? Essay

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So what is happiness?
First I’d like to cover from a chemical perspective,
When you smoke a cigarette, the chemicals inside that are then released into your body bringing you pleasure or relief which can be mistaken as happiness.
To me, substance and material pleasures are in the same boat. Some people buy things or light up a cigarette to feel better. Temporary fixes of relief. But in that span of temporary relief you could find happiness within yourself. The happiness does not come from the cigarette itself, but the cigarette brings relief, and while in relief you can find happiness with what you choose to do or feel with that relief. There is a difference between happiness and relief. Some people go different ways trying to become happy, either sub-consciously or aware they make things harder than they should be so they can be in control of that “relief”, which they mistake as happiness. Which they may also mistake as “being in control of your own happiness.”
Realistically happiness doesn’t last long. It’s difficult to always try to maintain a positive mindset, especially in an unstable environment. Happiness comes from a deep piece of mind, and that deep piece of mind can arise in different ways, and has different levels, so in a sense, happiness is a state of mind, and it’s a feeling. But it’s not a feeling you would necessarily always Called happiness.
So sometimes we say we’re happy when we’re actually excited, that difference has a bit of an edge.
So being happy, is about being really peaceful and contented, a kind of stability that’s more long lasting. Because it’s a state of mind, it very much depends on what is going on at the time. And that’s actually a very helpful understanding , If we can manage to have a peaceful mind, then we can be happy more and more of the time. Create space in the mind for clarity, it’s better to not feel overwhelmed. Focusing in on one thing at a time helps.
Try not to focus too much on the negative but don’t entirely neglect the fact that it does exist. We have to be realistic here. Have patience to trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Be caring to others and take notice to their happiness. Wish to be well, and hold onto that hope. Being peaceful is happiness. As cheesy as it sounds,