What is happiness? Essay

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What is happiness?
What is happiness but the realization and pursuit of something better that leads to a satiation point and fulfillment of the body and/or mind? Do we really understand what happiness is? Could it be the ownership of a tangible object like a car or the warmth of being with someone who you have a deep caring for? Does it matter? Happiness can be the discovery of one self’s true purpose and reality of “why?”. In pieces we have recently looked at we discovered that there is no true happiness but that happiness can be described as the satiation point of oneself or could also be described as the ownership and possession of a tangible good.
In “Anthem” we learned that happiness almost acts as a filler in the life and is described by being the learning or discovery of something new; an intangible happiness that brings about the question of; where does this happiness come from? It is idealized as the way Equality fills his himself with this knowledge and commitment to learning and discovery almost as someone could potentially fill themselves with happiness. In Equality’s “discovery” of electricity he finds not only the power in electricity but also the power within himself that he realizes and discovers comes with a true sacrifice and ability of wonderment.
In the “I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we realize that happiness can be brought about by giving a greater equality amongst people and having them realize that equals are not in skin color or race, but are in the mind and actions of how people release themselves to other people. “All people were created equal” we just have to realize and “to tap into the propensities that allow us to take pleasure in striving.” We are all equal in ways of being but are different in our way of thinking which is used to be prosperous and “happy.”