What Is Human Services? Essay

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What is Human Services? Everyone at some point in their lives needs help. This help could range from help with their bills to help with adequate shelter or even help with everyday living skills. No matter what the reason is for the help, it is an inevitable that people need it. In these times of need, people may wonder who they can turn to for help. This question often goes unanswered because people are so unsure. Rest assured, however, that Human Services is here to help. People just need to know where to look and even how to look for this help.
Goal of Human Services According to the National Organization
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These people will serve as advocates for those who cannot serve themselves.
Common Intervention Strategies
Intervention strategies vary depending on the situation and the clients that are being served. For instance, an intervention strategy for a homeless person would be different than that of a person looking for a job. Intervention strategies also depend on if you are working with a group or an individual. For instance, a strategy for working with one individual could be different because of the individualization of the treatment. Group interventions are different because there are many people involved and the individual attention is less likely to be obtained.
Ethical Considerations It is imperative that there be a code of ethics in the human services field. The major and most important ethical consideration would be the fact that human service workers have a duty to help those in need and they must respect these people as if it were their own situation. The protection of the client/consumers records, history, and treatment is the most important. One must remember that the client has rights, just as they do. Not only is it important to keep the client in mind, but it is also important to keep the company where one is employed in mind. It is very important for the human service professional to keep everything up to date and ready if someone else may need it. It is also important for a human service professional to adhere to any commitments made to their