What is Hypoxia Essay

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What is Hypoxia
In today’s modern society automobiles are our main means of transportation. Without our automobiles getting around town, can prove to be difficult and add undo stress to our lives. Today we are going to learn why our automobiles require motor oil. Why it’s important you do periodic checks between oil changes to make sure your automobile’s oil is not low, and why it’s important to change the oil at set intervals.
I. Why is oil required in automobiles (Often called the life blood of an engine) A. Lubrication of internal engine parts 1. Engines have a lot of moving parts in close proximity 2. Reduces heat between these moving parts B. Provides a barrier for moving internal engine parts 1. Reduces wear between moving parts 2. If an engine’s moving parts have no barrier they can weld themselves together seizing the engine (rod bearings) II. Why it’s so important to do periodic checks between oil changes A. If your engine runs low on oil it could seize 1. Leaves us stranded III. Why motor oil has changing intervals A. Over time oil loses its protective properties 1. The harsh environment inside the engine breaks oil down 2. Oil cleans the engine and can only hold so many particles B. Average driving like around town most manufacturers recommend every 3000 - 5000 miles. C. You can improve your gas mileage by 1%–2% by using the manufacturers recommended grade of oil (US Department of Energy). VI. The Federal Trade Commission
A. The nation's