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What Is In A Company Logo?
Peggy Payne
Mid-American Christian University

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You see company logos everywhere you look. On daily items of use such as toothpaste, hair spray, food items, and even clothing articles. A company's logo is everything that identifies that company. Just like your name is important to you. It is how you are identified. Your name means something. So do companies logos. In the Olive Garden change not only did their logo change, but there whole business. It brought smaller dinner plates, more appealing menus, but yet still keeping some of the old items on the menus.
This is called a variety. And variety is what is appealing to the people. Restaurants are a dime a dozen in the big cities. One on every block. But to be noticed in a market world you have to have eye catching logos and a menu and atmosphere that is appealing to the public. With the Olive Garden's new logo, they are hoping and dreaming for people to realize they are changing to a type of renaissance restaurant, instead of the fast casual dining in the past. With this new renaissance brand, it will entail more natural, up to date elements, along with new plates, silverware, service utensils and more contemporary music, according to Darden president and chief operating officer. (Consumerist. March 3, 2014) With the new changes there has been increase in sales. But before this revamp there was brand conditioning as the foundation for the initial design. Olive Garden conducted extensive testing and quantitative research to shape and validate their new design. I believe that with the new company logo for Olive Garden and the other changes that they are putting in place is a perfect competition market structure. My reasoning for this is there are numerous eating establishments that are eye catching with their fancy signage and advertising. But do they really catch the eye of the person looking for a change all the way around? With Olive Garden not only changing their logo, but also their whole atmosphere and simple things such as the silverware. That is market catching. Or it is to me, because I like to go to places that have that new feel about them.
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I believe with all the changes that Olive Garden is putting forth they will continue to see an increase in sales. Forever, probably not. Because the market world is fast and furious and changing everyday. And to stay atop all…