What Is It In The World That Gives Someone The Overwhelming Sense Of Aw1 Essay

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What is it in the world that gives someone the overwhelming sense of awe? For some its nature, like cascading waterfalls or snow covered mountains. For others it’s something as simple as the way the leaves descend from the trees in the fall, or snowflakes dropping down in the beginning of winter. For me it’s been the best moments in life like when your child looks at you with all the love and your whole world in their eyes, with neighbors, family, and friends. I think that is the thing with awe, it can come from the simplest moment of love, beauty or natural wonder. It is a feeling that happens in the top peaks of life, or low dreaded parts of life. It can come from overwhelming wonder, admiration, and fear. That moment in time whatever it is that catches you, it captivates you. As if what you are focused on, in some cases, can be the only thing in the world that matters. If only for a brief period of time, It can alter your view of the world expand perceptions of time and enhance the way you perceive the quality of life

One of the moments in my life that I was able to experience the feeling is when I gave birth to my daughter. Although the day didn’t start out with any awe it certainly ended with it. When you are a week overdue you are miserable, hungry, fat, moody, along with a million other emotions, I could fill a whole page with those. At this point all I could think about was getting this baby out of me, nothing was going as planned. Then a sense of hope came with a ringing phone, the doctor called me and said “I think we should schedule a cesarean for tomorrow at 6 Am.” shocked but excited I say “Thank you so much I am ready and will see you in the morning.” I was beyond thrilled to meet my little girl. So I decided to go relax in the soon to arrive babies room, imagining the way life would be when she finally arrived, how much things were going to change. Then I begin to ask myself questions “How do I take care of a baby?” I had read all the books and received plenty of advice, some wanted and unwanted with the woman in my family. Which is all just a part of the process that comes with your first child that I don’t believe anyone gets to escape from. I drift off in to my thoughts in the rocking chair, thinking about rocking my