What Is Lady Anne's Role In Evil

Words: 1879
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Richard III is about the evil that comes from the pursuit of power. Some say the women in the play are insignificant compared to Richard’s evil. However, they bring a different dimension of the female role in society. In William Shakespeare’s Richard III the reason and morality of the female characters serves to highlight, by contrast, Richard’s, evil nature. Each woman throughout the play has an important role in the opposition to the evil that is delivered by Richard. Queen Margaret is a representation of a strong female character who is able to confront Richard for who he truly is. She does not care the way she is represented as crazy but rather exposing Richard for his evil. Lady Anne is a pawn in Richard’s pursuit of power, however, she does not stop herself from making remarks about Richard. She is a character to highlight Richard’s ability to manipulate and the evil that comes with love. Young Elizabeth is a character of innocence and youth. As a young girl, she is a pawn of Richard's power. This demonstrates his willingness to do anything for power and it exposes his evil …show more content…
They highlight and expose the evil nature of Richard in his pursuit of power. Queen Margaret exposes Richard for who he truly is and highlights what he capable of. Lady Anne the victim of many of Richard's skills. She is strong and comments on Richard and his evil nature. Her strong nature contrasts Richard to highlight villainous. Young Elizabeth is a pawn in the games of politics her innocence and youth contrast Richard and his malicious ways. It represents good and evil. Her mother Queen Elizabeth is very similar to Richard but uses her powers in a good way. She is able to get the results needed without hurting too many. These strong women are important parts of Richard III they take his crown away with little recognition. Their morals and reason highlight Richard and his villainous