What Is Love? Essay

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What Is Love? Many people throw around the words, “I love you” everyday without really knowing the true meaning of love. There are many different meanings of “love” in the dictionary. There’s a romantic love, a love between two people,which can be sexual and intimate, the love between parents and their children, or between friends. Another type of love is the kind of love or devotion to God. Each of these all have different meanings and cannot be used the same. That is why love cannot be defined with just one definition, but with several. When a person thinks of love, they immediately think of the romantic kind. Being “in love” makes a person’s heart beat fast, or they get butterflies every time they are with that person or think of him or her. When they are talking to the person, they just wish that moment could last forever. They want to put their happiness before their own, but at the same time they want them making theirselves happy as well. Both people in the relationship try to make the other person a better person and help them grow. Loving someone means trusting them with everything and always being faithful and honest to that person. A person has to love the other person no matter what, and love them for who they are, even with their flaws and mistakes. Being “in love” cannot be describable all the time, but this kind of love is a love everyone desires. Some people believe that love and sex are one in the same. If two people are in love, they should be having sex, or if two people are having sex, they are in love. This is not always true though. Just because a person is sexually attracted to another person, that does not mean they love them. Another thing is that some people say they love their signicicant other, but then go and continiously cheat on them. If someone even thinks about cheating or cheats on them, that is not love. People should not say that they love someone if they are willing to hurt them, or break their heart by doing things with someone else. If someone wants to play around with someone else’s feelings, they should stay single. The meaning of love to little kids is different then adults. When I was kid, I loved everything. Children’s mommy and daddy are the ones that will always love them the most when their a kid because they are always their for them and help them when they need it. They also love all their toys, games, playing outside, and watching cartoons. When I was a kid, I experianced the easier love. The love where I can love everyone, or everything and not be judged by not knowing what love really is. Many teenagers believe that they believe in love when it usually just lust. Now a days, when teenagers start to date, they give everything up for