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“What is Math For?” Response

This article really hits home for someone like me. That is, someone who has been told this very same thing his entire life: virtually every job you can think of requires some degree of higher math. The reality of it is simply that this is not true. Yes, of course, you could point to careers such as engineering, mathematics, or computer programming and say that they each require at least some basic knowledge of algebra, and you’d be right. The truth is, however, that those careers paths are the exceptions, not the rule, and that for every job that requires the usage of higher math, there are a slew of jobs that do not. Personally, I hope to one day become a programmer. Computer programming is a field that is commonly associated with mathematics. Don’t get me wrong- math is crucial in programming. The styles and methods of programming that exist today could not have been created without the use of very complex math. However, math is crucial to programming in the same way that trigonometry is crucial to becoming a radio operator. Does it help? Certainly, it can at times, but for the most part, a programmer (depending upon what he or she is programming) could certainly program a meaningful piece of code with just knowledge of arithmetic alone. Math has benefitted me greatly in the past. I have had the privilege to compete in some math competitions in my time in school. These competitions have been extremely beneficial in helping