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What is motivation? Webster’s dictionary gives the definition of motivation as “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way” So why is motivation important in the workplace? Why should any business worry about motivating staff and employees? Motivation in my opinion is one of the biggest factors one can use to run a successful company and also have productive employees. By using motivation tools employees will feel like team members and perform as a team rather than individuals, therefore improving overall results, production, customer service, and most importantly sales, and profits.
Motivation can also improve you overall employee morale. When morale is high and employees feel like they are part of the team they will treat their job with more respect as they want a sense of belonging rather than just working. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs tells us that employees want to belong as part of the social part of the pyramid.
So what are some kinds of motivation factors one can use at work? According to the Mayo effect here are some key factors: greater communication good teamwork showing interest in others involving others in decision making ensuring the wellbeing of others ensuring work is interesting and non-repetitive

Motivation is one of the biggest factor is a person’s life, people are motivated for many different reasons. Some people by money or family others are motivated by simply helping someone else succeed. Whatever the reason we are all motivated by something, without motivation our lives would feel empty, and there would feel like we would live for no real purpose.
My personal motivation in life is my family; I push myself to the limits on a daily basis because I want to be the best provider for my family and want to make sure we lack nothing. My wife has the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and help raise our young son rather than leave him with a babysitter. I am motivated to work extra hard to make sure we can make it with just my income and live a comfortable life. Motivation plays the biggest role here because when days get long and days off seem to never come fast enough one feels like giving up, waking up daily at 4:00am and coming home at 8:00pm can make anyone want to quit or simply stay in bed for the day. Yet I have come to understand that everyone in this household depends on me and that drives me and motivates me to never give up. I have always lived by this theory that it is easier to quit and give up rather than keep going. The problem with this is that anyone can quit but not everyone can keep on pushing to success. Whenever I mentor young adults in my store I always asked them what moves them, or what are they seeking in their career plans or goals? Many young adults simply say money, “I am driven by money, I want to make as much money as possible” then when I explain to them that before they can earn more money first they must learn that there has to be some sacrifices they tend to get scared away.
One example was a young man who was a hard working employee with a strong head on his shoulder by the name of Nick. Nick was always asking me how I got to my position as a store manager and he always said I bet you get paid really well. Wow! I wish I could make more money or even be a store manager one day. I really enjoyed working with Nick and thought he could be a great asset to our company if he continued to move up in the direction he was headed in. One day Nick and I were in my office and having a great conversation about school, Nick had told me he thought he was going to drop out for a while because college had become too hard and he wanted to make some more money right away rather than study. I explained to Nick that money alone was not a good motivation and dropping out of school was a bad idea. I explained to Nick that even at my age I was staying in school because I understood the power of an…