What Is My Goals Essay

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‘‘My Goals’’
By: Jordyn Lilly

Candace parker is the person I think when I think what I want to accomplish in my life. In 2008 she was voted WNBA most Valuable Player. It took a lot for her to do this but she had life skills like patience when she had to be patience choosing a team and practicing. Flexibility when she has to figure out a schedule to do homework in college and playing basketball. Sportsmanship when they are 12 point down in the last 2 minutes some has to be cheer the team on. She inspires me because she has accomplished so much in her life.

I have a goal to become a center for the WNBA. When I was in 5th grade I knew I want to become a basketball player. Our class read about her in 5th grade for SAT. I play for Saint Mary’s mavericks and PBL (Pumas Basketball League) and I have a personal trainer who works on footwork with me. When I get to high school I want to get a scholarship to either Baylor, Norte Dame or Cal. This is my life goal.

Now t can’t do this all by myself. I will need support like getting me to games and cheer for me. Understanding for when I do something wrong in the game. These are thing I need to get there. Thinking about whom I can depend on is hard; I know the one person I can always can depend on is God and my parents. Now maybe sometimes I can depend on my friends but that is some times. Don’t forget my fans. I can just see it now.

So you guys don’t forget my goal is to become a center in the WNBA. My preparation