What Is Organizational Behavior? Essay

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Organizational Behavior
The purpose of this assignment is to identify the roles that personality and attitude play in the study of organizational behavior. It will discuss the roles that values and cultures play in the study of organizational behavior. The assignment will show how emotions and moods can be traced back to work place issues. From there, concepts can be developed that might be used to influence or correct employee behavior.
Definitions and Concepts
Personality is defined as the enduring characteristics that describe an individual’s behavior. It is the way in which a person reacts to and interacts with others (Robbins & Judge, 2013, p. 133). As a manager, one must hire and put people in leadership positions while still considering an employee’s personality. There are personality tests that are available for managers to use in order to measure traits. These tests along with a positive attitude can lead to assist managers in forecasting who may be best for the job (Robbins & Judge, 2013, p. 133).
Attitude determines one’s true potential. I believe a positive attitude in the workplace can be very beneficial to an organization. If an employee’s attitude is positive, it can cause the operation to run smooth. If the operation is running smooth, it will give leadership more time to focus on making better decisions for the organization.
Personality and attitude have an important role in the emotions and moods in the workplace. In any leadership position, an outgoing personality is one that is best to deal with people. You have to be able to react in any situation. It is important for leaders to be persistent, have attention to detail, be efficient, have analytical skills, set high standards and have a positive attitude.
I have witnessed a supervisor display a negative attitude that later created a negative effect on the organization. She was previously a technician and was later promoted over her peers. All was well until the pressures of being a supervisor started weighing on her. She started displaying a negative attitude towards her employees which in return made the employees shut down. The employees started to complain, rebel against the work, and started to call in. This caused the work