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What is Philosophy? Philosophy is a wider vision of life which everyone has different point of views, it’s also based on rational arguments and appeal to facts; it questions everything around you and seeks for the truth. During time many philosophers like Socrates, John Locke and Bertrand Russell have different point of views of what philosophy is.
According to Socrates “the unexamined life is not worth living” meaning that why are we here? What is life? Is death a good or bad thing? Examining yourself and others to seek for the truth, he also said that God is wise; by this he intends to show that the wisdom of man is worth little or nothing. His thoughts on death were that it could be a state of nothingness.
Another philosopher was John Locke ad he thought of philosophy as the love of truth, questioning everything that has no evidence such as religion. He though the role of “enthusiasm” was neither on reason nor divine revelation, but on persuasions and actions of men.
Bertrand Russell states that philosophy aims primarily at knowledge; it also refers to the practical man as one that recognizes only material needs, he is aware less of goods of the mind meaning giving a different value to life. Many origins of sciences from persons who were considered at the time to be philosophers but are now considered to be some of the founders of the various sciences. In others sciences the definite body of truth has an answer but in philosophy this hasn’t been accomplished.