What is Philosophy? Essay

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Chapter 1: What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is a word that is a different definition to each person. Philosophy to me is trying to understand the perspective of your own life, and others.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle asserted that philosophy begins in wonder, I agree with his statement. As I was reading this chapter, I had to take a break because there was a conflict occurring in my house. I was wondering what made my parents want to date, want to marry, and eventually want to divorce. They are still friends but they are complete opposites. I couldn’t understand why they did any of those. As I saw them have many disagreements on many different topics, I started to wonder why my mother thought a certain way, and why my father thought a certain way. My mother is an intelligent, outspoken, noticeable person. My father is sarcastic, childlike, and arguable. My mother tends to be more on the serious side, always trying to figure out what needs to be done next, and what needs to be done after that, and so on. My father tends to as he says, “Goes with the flow”. They never agree to disagree. They tend to always want the last word in which causes a conflict. As I start to understand a little bit more about them each day, as I get older, I still wonder so much about them. How come they are who they are? What makes them different?
What is truly real? The author asks this question in the book and explains after he is asking how we might distinguish appearance from reality.
Appearance is what we want to see, what we want to believe, what we dream of. “The first appearance is the most important.” Many people agree and disagree with that saying, I honestly disagree. First appearances are important but we do not know that person, it would be like the…