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WHAT IS RECONSTRUSTION Reconstruction is the time period from 1865-1877 in which the Federal government rebuilt the South. This destruction was caused during Sherman’s March from 1864-1865, during the Civil War.
Freedman’s Bureau helped set up schools and hospitals for African Americans and distributed clothes, food, and fuel throughout the South. This was established by President Abraham Lincoln.
The Civil Rights Act of 186, vetoed by President Johnson, declared that all persons (except Native Americans) born in the U.S. were citizens. Also, it stated all citizens were entitled to equal rights regardless of their race.
AMENDMENTS 13, 14, & 15
Thirteenth Amendment- set all slaves free in the U.S. By the year’s end, 27 states had ratified the amendment and that was the end of slavery in America.
Fourteenth Amendment- stated all people born in the U.S. (except Native Americans) were citizens, and that all citizens were entitled to equal rights regardless of their race.
Fifteenth Amendment -stated that citizens (not including Native Americans) can vote; suffrage. This only applied to men because at the time, women couldn’t vote.
Johnson’s impeachment began when Congress passed the Tenure of Office Act in 1867. This act prohibited the president from firing government officials without the Senate’s approval. Johnson fired his secretary of war over disagreements about Reconstruction, the House of Representatives them voted to impeachment the president.
Freedman’s Schools were set up to educate newly freed African Americans. This helped educate illiterate former slaves so