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What is religion? Is it a set of guidelines that must follow to please god (s)? Piscine a character in the motion picture, The Life of Pi, is the sole survivor of a ship wreck in the Pacific Ocean. Looking death in the face Piscine is accompanied by doubt and faith along his journey, doubt taking the shape of a ferocious tiger, Richard Parker. Being a Hindu, Muslim, Christian this young Indian boy fights to hold onto his faith despite his setting. Piscine's choice of religions is unsettling to Appa, Piscine's father. Appa recommends his son to choose one religious path rather than accepting everything blindly. A spiritual connection between God and his vessel is solely between those two parties. believing in factual tangible things, Appa cannot understand the logic behind Piscine path. Piscine takes certain elements from every religion; positive thinking and speaking it into existence from Hinduism, compassion and love from Christianity, and living life in righteously from Muslim to form his own personal morals and values of life. Trying to piece different religions together forming one understanding of life, Piscine begins to have his faith tested. Deliverance from death and sanctified in faith.

Having faith is not the same as believing in God. Believing in God is a general thought, is there a God or not. Faith in God goes far beyond a thought, it's a feeling, a way of life. Piscine's character shows faith throughout the movie. One scene in particular Piscine enters the zoo keepers corridors without supervision with his older brother. The room is fairly lit with a soft cool touch as if it's dusk or earlier morning. The boys enter frantically, Piscine reassures his brother everything is under control. Walking over to a pile of raw meat, Piscine begins to coax Richard Parker. Piscine is crouched at the end of Parker's corridor. The appearance of Richard Parker is the moment when fear, doubt enters the scene. The presence of the background music begins to crescendo with instrumental strings building the suspense of the scene. The angle of the shots of Richard Parker and Piscine are either face only or behind shots with them both seen. The director slows down the approach of the tiger and focuses on Piscine's face, showing . Itfear in all aspects but Piscine doesn't back down, he holds onto the meat welcoming Richard Parker. As the tiger approaches beads of sweat begin to transpire on Pi's brow. Still holding his ground in the midst of fear only to be rescue from danger by his Appa. Appa seriously exclaims at Pi that the tiger is not your friend he is an animal. Later on in life the scene way to find himself in the same situation