What Is Schools As Organisations

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Schools as organisations

1.1 As part of the Every Child Matters agenda and Childcare Act 2006, it became an entitlement for all three to four year olds to have a free part time early year’s education for 12.5 hours a week for 38 weeks of the year. In September 2010 this hours increased to 15 hours a week. The government funds this so that every child can get free education before they start school, so parents do not need to pay, however if they want their child in nursery for any additional hours then they would have to pay for that. Parents can choose to take their free early years entitlement at any of the following:

* Pre-school playgroup
* Private Day nursery
* Registered child minder
* Maintained nursery school
* Nursery or reception class in a primary or independent school

The provision starts the term after their third birthday, and can be taken within the following restrictions:

* The full 15 hours have to be taken over at least two days per week, and a maximum of five days per week
* A minimum of 2.5 hours can be taken in one day
* A maximum of 10 hours can be taken in one day

Parents may split the early year’s entitlement between two providers, but many providers will allow you to take the provision flexibly and in a way that meets your needs. You must let your provider know that you would like to start the EY entitlement and how many weeks you would like to claim each week, after filling in the form they will start claiming the funding on